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Russina Tuff Russian Tuff Playwood is our superior brand which is also rated high for its endurance, tooling and finishing capabilities. Our meticulous Research & Development Dept. over the years has led us to create a wide range of premium products which are tropicalised, termite & borer proof, as well as water proof and anti wrap. Currently we offer six varieties of Plywood each of which offers a number of choices.

While looking for the premium quality of Ply for your new interiors your search should end here. We, at Russion Tuff are creating a wide variety of long lasting plywood that gives you the strength and durability, which is non existent in other brand.

Chequered Ply

Chequered plywood can be counted as one of the best transportation purpose plywood. Chequered floor boards are high density exterior grade plywood.

BWR Plywood

The newest member added to our plywood product range which has turned the dynamics of construction projects everywhere.

Gurjan Ply

Gurjan core and panels lend natural strength to plywood. Imported from South-East Asian countries, Gurjan is a fully mature, high density hardwood, which makes it naturally strong & resistant to all kinds of organisms.

Marine Plywood

This is for the purists wo will settle for nothing less than a product that comes with a 100 percent guaranteed protection aganist anything tested aganist it.

Block Board

Our block-boards provide for a study and solid foundation that can withstand great amounts of weight and pressure, yet look crisp and clean with the finishing unparalleled by the best in our country.

Film Faced Shuttering Ply

Film Faced Shuttering Plywood is an exterior grade, preservative-treated, boiling water proof plywood manufactured using specially formulated phenolic resin and select hardwood only.

Flush Doors

The ready to use flush doors can be mounted easily with minimum efforts to beautify your dream home.

Decorative Plywood

Russian Tuff Decorative Plywood is an excellent medium for interior panelling & decoration. The superior finish of the surface gives this plywood a natural edge over all others in creating elemnet & functional interior of classical imagination.

Please  note

All the products periodically undergo our most strict and accurate testing techniques so that even if a single piece is found not upto bisspecifications, the entire batch is removed. even the emission from our formaldehyde products are kept under strict check ( even below bis allowance ) to ensure your safety.



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