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Flush Door

Made with selective thick whole-wooden blocks and covered with pre checked and approved stout core veneer and then pressed with the most dense face veneer available at our resource. This combination produces the most beautiful and solid wooden flush door shutters you will have ever seen. You will find virtually zero ripples across the door surface as we do not use even a single bock that is not entirely whole from all four sides.

Our stringent attitude in door manufacturing has made us one of the pioneering leaders in Flush Door category in North India. Made only with Phenol Formaldehyde Resin and then chemically treated just the same as our marine plywood for endless life and efficency. Available in various skins to suit your style and linking.

Technical Specifications
Test ISI Requirement Test Result
Dimension & Squareness
  1. Length: +5mm, -5mm
  2. Width: +5mm, -5mm
  3. Thichness: +1mm
  4. Squareness: 1mm at a length of 500mm
  1. Length: +3mm
  2. Width: +2mm
  3. Thichness: +0.6mm
  4. Squareness: < 1mm at a length of 500mm
General Flattness < 6mm < 4mm
Local Planeness < 0.5mm < 0.3mm
Impact Identation < 0.2mm < 0.15mm
Flexure Text Max. deflection < 5mm Max. deflection < 5mm
Edge Loading Test Residual deflection < 0.5mm
Lateral buckling < 2mm
Residual deflection < 0.25mm
Lateral buckling < 1mm
Shock Resistant Test Should withstand 5 impacts can withstand 10 impacts
Misuse Test Pass Excellent
End Immersion Test No de-Lamination in one cycle can withstand 10 impacts without any de-Lamination
Knife\glue Adhesion - Test Pass Excellent
Screw withdrawl Resistance > 1000 N > 1500 N
Slamming Test Pass Excellent
Bucking Test Pass Excellent
Water Absorption Test < 2 %
Nail Holding Strength >100
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