Product Range

Marine Plywood

This is for the purists who will settle for nothing less than a product that comes witha 100 percent guaranteed protection aganist anything tested aganist it. Our specialty, the Boiling Water Proof plywood. Invest in this product and experience satisfaction not just for years, but for decades. Made with unadulterated Phenol and Formaldehyde resin that can bear any extreme climatic variations. Treated further with several preservatives to increase its efficiency and durability. We use Computer controlled pressure and that extra bit of cooking time to ensure 100 percent adhesion, because when manufacturing our premium range we tolerate no margin of error. Our Marine Plywood is perfect for everything & strong for anything.

  • Thicker face is used, which enhances product strength and life.
  • Only seasoned hardwood used as panels.
  • Tended in the pressure Impregnation Treatment plant to multiply chemical effectiveness aganist water,climate and element attacks.
Technical Specifications
Test ISI Requirement Test Result
Moisture content 5-15% 13%
Glue shear strength in Ind. min. 1100 N 1380 N
Dry condition Avg. min. 1350 N 1680 N
Water Resistance Ind. min. 800 N
Avg. min. 1000 N
1080 N
1390 N
Mycological test Ind. min. 800 N
Avg. min. 1000 N
1210 N
1360 N
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