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BWR Plywood (IS 303)

The newest member added to our plywood product range which has turned the dynamics of construction projects everywhere. This unique BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) ply gives you at-par advantages with BWP (Boiling Water Proof) grade wood panels but at a much lower cost. Each layer of core venner hooked to the next panel using concentrated synthetic resin which is given sufficient time to be absorbed deep inside the fabric of wood before it its hot-pressed. The most affordable premium range plywood that can offer resistance aganist high temperatures of boiling water and protection against several other element attacks.

It comes loaded with all the features of our general plywood plus also goes through progressive dipping in a complex compound of chemicals that increase its strength and also its efficiency against hot/cold water and termite/borers.

Test Test Result
Moisture Contents (%) 8 - 12
Glue Shear Strength (Kgf) > 132
Water Resistance Test > 110 dry > 100 wet
Mycological Test (Kg) > 110
Adhesion of plies Excellent
Preservation Treatment Two Tier Treatment:
1. Glue line is fortified with non-leachable organophosphorous compound (USA technogy).
2. Finished panels are treated with CCA or Acid Copprechrome compound.
Specific Gravity 0.70
Water Absorption < 5%
Screw Holding Strength > 275
Nail Hoilding Strength (Kg) > 150
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