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Gurjan Plywood

Gurjan core and panels lend natural strength to plywood. Imported from South-East Asian countries, Gurjan is a fully mature, high density hardwood, which makes it naturally strong & resistant to all kinds of organisms. These veneers when compressed under exterme pressure yield a panel density of above 800kg/m3 greatly superseding standard IS requirements and making it highly densified & homogenous.

IT is Inherently Borer and termite resistant, displays anti warp features and has extreme hardness and strength.

Properties Specifications
Strength grade HS Strength class D50
Bending parallel to grain 16.0 N/mm2
Tension parallel to grain 9.6 N/mm2
Compression parallel to grain 15.2 N/mm2
Compression perpendicular to grain 4.5/3.5 N/mm2
Shear parallel to grain 2.20 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity mean 15000 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity minimum 12600 N/mm2
Characteristic density 650 kg/m3
Average density 7800 kg/m3
Strength class for joint design D50
Compared to teak as 100
Weight 105
Retention of shape 50
Shear 105
Hardness 95
Nail / screw holding power 100
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