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MR Plywood

Manufactured from dense sheets of core-veneer and bonded under intense heat and pressure with ultra strong adhesives, plywood has always been one of the most ubiquitous building product for decades.

Our general purpose MR ( Moisture Resistant) Plywood is made the classical way with a few modern twitches of GLUE LINE PROTECTION and CONCENTRATED MELAMINE which ensures stronger core bonding that can withstand tough handling and rough environments easily.

  • Resistant to twisting , warping, termites and borers.
  • Can be easily painted/ varnished and carpenter friendly.
  • Higher tolerance to moisture and humidity than any other ply in this category.
  • Eco friendly -For those of us who care.
Technical Specifications
Test ISI Requirement Test Result
Moisture content 5 - 15% less than 0.6mm
Specific gravity Above 0.5
Swelling in water - Excellent
Glue adhesion test MR 3 Cycle Immersion test more than 122 hours at 60 c
(Cyclic test) BWR 3 cycle boil test more than 72 hours at 100 c
Mycological Test- MR Grade MR Grade MR Grade
Ind. Min           800 N
Min. Avg.         1000 N
MOE( Grade wise) MR MR
Along the grain Min. Avg. 4000 4800 N/mm 2
Across the grain Min. Avg. 2000 2300 N/mm 2
Along the grain Min. Avg. 30 38 N/mm 2
Across the grain Min. Avg.15 23 N/mm 2
Crew Holding Strength(kg) > 250
Nail holding Strength(kg) >150
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